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This was the classroom we were using. We're now conducting classes at the National Guard Armory. Pics later.

Some have asked about our class facility - this page is still under construction. Stop back often.

We are proud of the comfortable, well appointed training environment we offer our students. I've seen and been in some other firearms classrooms and long ago decided that if that's what my students had to tolerate, I wouldn't continue to offer courses. Here are a few shots of the classroom setup we use.

Morning Coffee & Donuts

We start each class off with morning coffee and donuts. We provide both cold and room temperature water for those that don't care for coffee....

Air Conditioned Comfort

Much of courses like these are unfortunately bound to a lecture format. Regardless of the quality of the instruction or environment, we get tired of sitting. We have plenty of room to stretch and get comfortable....

Comfortable Seating - Plenty of Room

As we enter into Q&A and open discussions, your instructor has plenty of room to give your question the personal attention it deserves, at your desk. Where it's appropriate, there's ample room to demonstrate at your desk so you can clearly see detail that otherwise might be lost. For example, pointing out something like a feed ramp and it's function in a semi-auto pistol can really only be seen "up-close & personal".

Ask a question and you'll hear the answer explained until, when asked "Does that answer your question?" - your answer will be "Yes" [I just liked this shot]....

We use state-of-the-art technology

We use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your classroom experience. Every class includes practical shooting on a professional firearms simulator. The BeamHit Simulator Systems LMTS 190-3 System uses the LTX Laser, which is preferred by many law enforcement agencies and security forces, as the laser allows the gun to be placed and drawn from the holster before firing and is ideal for close quarter combat drills. Shots on the simulator are a great aide in establishing grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, proper trigger squeeze and safe gun handling before we get to the range....

Each student gets the personal attention they need to improve their shooting skills. 83 years old, hadn't held a gun in over 40 years and he shot a 4 inch group. This lady came to me with no shooting experience and after working on the simulator, shot a small group as well....

Naturally, having left the range yesterday, we have to know how to clean our guns properly. Here, we take the time to demonstrate not only how to clean and lubricate your firearm, we also explain how all those parts inside work together to safely fire each round....

NRA Basic Pistol & Concealment Options.

As with all properly conducted NRA Courses, visual aides are an integral part of the course. They clearly illustrate everything from cartridge components to grip to sight picture. A wide variety of concealment holsters and other options are shown and discussed....

NRA Basic Pistol Lesson Plans & Legal

Where appropriate, professionally produced productions are used to illustrate realistic personal defensive scenarios that you may encounter. These scenarios are used to open "what if" discussions to help the student understand how to enhance their personal awareness of their surroundings, avoid confrontation, their rights of pro-active personal protection and their responsibilities under the law....

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You'll be glad you did.!!.

Personal Concealment Solutions, Inc.
Steve Aikens
NRA Certified, New Mexico Approved Instructor

Clovis, NM

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